Recent Phoenix Trip

May 2, 2017 Uncategorized


Hello again it’s the Craft Beer Convert here; today I would like to expand a bit and talk a little about my recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona. While at my Mother-in-law’s vacation complex’s club house bar I discovered a local craft brew which I found to be very tasty. The name of the beverage was Kilt Lifter, made by Four Peaks Brewery out of Tempe, Arizona. Four peaks started as many do as a small brewery and has grown into a substantial brewery, restaurant and tasting room.  The restaurant we stopped at was located near the Arizona State University campus and it is really a popular place, especially on the weekends. When we were there in March they were continuing their twentieth year celebration as well as the exciting news that the Kilt Lifter brand had just been sold to Budweiser Corporation; every craft brewers dream. So as you can see, even the big boys like Budweiser appreciate a quality craft beer. If your travels ever take you that way I highly recommend that you stop in and say hello to their friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have a large variety of beers, t-shirts and are always willing to show you around and give you a sample.
That brings me to something else that I strongly feel can make a brewery; a knowledgeable and friendly staff. I think that this is something that is very unique to the craft beer industry, the breweries usually start off small and are extremely passionate about what they do and love to share it with their customers. But really, in the craft beer industry the customers are more like followers and hook onto their home brewery and tasting room and love to follow what is the latest development and share it like it is their own; which I guess in a way it is.