Tangled Roots Hitting the Market

June 9, 2017 Uncategorized

In this addition allow me the opportunity to brag a bit about my home brewery; Tangled Roots has entered into a new phase of its long journey and I am very excited to tell you about it. Earlier this year the brand has been introduced and launched in many of our local pubs and restaurants and was available out of the tap. This was an exciting step towards the dream of becoming a main stream quality beer. I attended a couple of the launch parties; one of which was at the lounge of Starved Rock State Park (a large tourist attraction in central Illinois) and it went over great, This gives the people of our area and those visiting the chance to have a variety of settings to try and enjoy the great beverages Tangled Roots has to offer.

However, now Tangled Roots has taken another new and enormous step in marketing the brand and in entering the market with the addition of a bottling line.  That’s right now my favorite brews; Kit Kupher and The Devil’s Paint Box IPA are available in bottle and six pack form! You can new head to many of our local liquor stores and pick up a six pack to enjoy at home; this also opens the door for you to contact Tangled Roots and have some shipped your way.  I will be finding out more information on this very soon and share it with you in my next blog. I am also working on posting some photos of my recent trip and of my other craft beer exploits; so as we travel through this journey together you can not only read but see what I am talking about. Until next time may your next brew be cold and of fine quality!