A little craft beer history

June 16, 2017 Uncategorized

My personal craft beer history as you know is only a few years long as I just came upon it as I toured Europe a decade ago and then my curiosity and passion grew as my home brewery Tangled Roots began to take shape and I was able to watch it grow. But  I thought to myself when did this whole craft beer revolution take place and how long have I been missing out. Well, an obvious answer is it has been going on for ever; after all even Budweiser and Miller brewing were a craft beer at one time. I mean know one starts out at a million barrels a week.  But what I am talking about is the more recent vintage of craft brewers.

The more recent variety began in the late 1970s when it appeared as though the beer industry was going to dwindle down to 5 major breweries. But a revolution of sorts began and the hobby of home brewing began to gain popularity; this was the movement that became the craft beer industry.  The 80s saw the birth of the micro breweries which began to take the home brews out to market and many became regional favorites. But these small brew pubs and micro breweries struggled to gain traction because of the marketing of the large breweries.  But in the 90s things began to change as the brew pubs started to become more and more popular and by 2004 had captured 35% of the market.   As the years have gone by many beer drinkers have become more educated and more curious about what is now known as the craft beer industry; thus growing the industry to what it is today. I am not sure how long you have been involved with craft beer, but after learning how long it has been around I feel like a novice that needs to catch up, one beer at a time! Until next time may all your brews be cold and of good quality!!