Launch Parties

July 5, 2017 Uncategorized

One of the great things about craft beers is when you begin to see it develop from a brew house beer to a local beer and with that the launch parties at all the local places. So, being involved with Tangled Roots early on it has been fun to attend these events and see people try the different brews for the first time and gauge their reactions. Recently, I attended one at a local spot, Water Street Pub in Peru Illinois, and it was a wonderful time and as they came around with samples I gave Kit Kupfer a try and for the 450th time I sampled it the beer was incredible again. As you will see from the pictures I posted it was fun hanging out with Keith the boss man at Tangled Roots, Mark the main sales dude and one of the amazing brewers Louie. You will also get a rare look at my commander and chief Debbie (she doesn’t like to be photographed, lol) in her Tangled Roots swag and enjoying a great event.


That is a very important part of the growth of a brewery and a beer brand; as many of us know, advertising is very expensive and difficult to manage. This is something that most small businesses and breweries do not have and rely on word of mouth and loyalty of customers to survive; that is why I am such a proponent of buying local and supporting the little guy. Though sometimes a product maybe a little more expensive it has such a larger effect on the owner and even the area we live in. Ok, enough with the economics lesson and back to the beer; we all know that craft beer will never replace the big beer companies and in reality are not trying to but by supporting the craft beer industry we can guarantee ourselves a choice in the matter.