Serving it up at Starved Rock Family Fun!

July 19, 2017 Uncategorized

Well, welcome back to the Craft Beer Convert on this episode I get to toot my own horn a bit and shamelessly plug my own business! You see I own a driving range and miniature golf course in the town of La Salle, Illinois and while I have had my liquor license for a few years now I finally have my first shipment of a local craft beer and you guessed it, it’s my personal favorite Kit Kupfer from Tangled Roots brewery in nearby Ottawa, Illinois. Now for me the biggest challenge won’t be to promote it to my customers but rather to sell it and not drink it! So, now when you come to the area to visit the brewery you can start out at Starved Rock Family Fun and have a beer or two while taking in a round of mini-golf, smacking around a bucket of balls on the driving range or relaxing while testing your skills at shuffle board or bocce balls. That will allow you to enjoy an ice cold Kit Kupfer while you build an appetite before you head over to Ottawa and the Lone Buffalo for a bite to eat and perhaps a flight so you can sample a few choice blends.


I love the thought of how local products can bring an area together; for example (another plug) on July 30th out here at Starved Rock Family Fun will be putting together a lot of different local things to produce a hopefully fun and successful event. We will be having a local musical group, a group of local vendors, and a certain local beer all out at a local business in hopes of helping each other gain a little notoriety and maybe even make a little money. Events like this also are a great time for the public and for us as well; so if you happen to be in the area stop on in! Finally, as always may your next brew be cold and of great quality.