Summer Fun Fests

July 19, 2017 Uncategorized

This version of the Craft Beer Convert focuses on fun and festivals; it’s that time of year where many communities have city wide festivals and these festivals have a large range of beer products. But recently there has been a trend towards craft beer tastings and craft beer as an option in the beer gardens. I for one have enjoyed this trend and recently enjoyed it first hand at my hometown’s celebration days at The Best Fest in Oglesby Illinois. Yes. You guessed it on tap was my absolute favorite, Kit Kupfer, so while I was there I was also helping out the Tangled Rots crew by converting as many of my friends over to Kupfer from their regular main stream beers. It was a blast and I found that more than half of the people I challenged to try one not only thought it was pretty good but also then ordered one for themselves and I even saw a couple suggest it to their friends! I guess the amazing thing to me was that many of these people who live in the community had never been to Tangled Roots and others had not even heard of it. Now I know Tangled Roots has done a large amount of advertising, but yet people still hadn’t heard about it yet!


So, I asked myself why had this group of people not heard? Well, of course there are many attributes to this but the one I am focusing on is tunnel vision; many of us live only in our own little world and don’t deviate from it much. For this reason people have got it in their minds that they don’t like craft beer and have no interest in trying it and thus have no interest in a new business in their area. Now I suppose I am guilty of that type of behavior in some areas; I guess when a new health club opens I don’t rush to check it out, though when I look in the mirror maybe I should (Note: get rid of mirror)! Ok, I will get off my soap box now, but my point is if you drink beer check out some of your local breweries you may find a beer you really like and at a festival try the small guys brew they could use your help and I will guarantee it will be appreciated more by them. Until next time may your brews be cold and of great quality!