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For many the start of the holiday season is what they look forward to, for others it may be the beginning of summer that they dream about; but form me it is early September that I yearn for. There are a few reasons such as the weather cools down, football’s regular seasons begin but the number one reason is that the Oktoberfest brews come out. Oktoberfest brews are without a doubt my absolute favorite type of beer; ever since I attended the authentic Oktoberfest in Munich Germany a few years ago I have fallen in love with the Oktoberfest brews. The original one that turned me on to this special brew was the Spaten Oktoberfest as we slipped into their tent in Munich; the beer came out in those traditional big steins and the taste was crisp and delicious. The group I was with and I then moved over to the tent we had reservations at; now by tent I mean a structure holding an easy 5000 people all drinking and singing German drinking song. The tent was another famous German beer manufacturer the Hofbrauhas and their Oktoberfest brew was equally fantastic and the atmosphere was incredible. This turned me on to an amazing phenomenon known around the world as Oktoberfest; if you are reading this then you love craft beer and know about Oktoberfest.


So, the problem is I can’t afford to go to Munich every year to the real thing, so for years I have roamed around looking for a fresh brew to enjoy this time of year but at most Oktoberfest celebrations you are served bottles of Spaten or one or the other German beers, which I like but this year my local brewery, Tangled Roots broke out their own rendition of the brew and it is fantastic. They brewed in excess of 150 barrels and it is flying off the shelves and has become quite difficult to get; I am fortunate to be a brew club member and was able to take some crawlers home to save for the appropriate moment. I am guessing that you have the same question I did, for Keith Pearce CEO of Tangled Roots, why don’t you brew this stuff year round? I mean with its great taste and popularity it would surely sell. The main reason is that it is expensive to make; first off it must spend much longer in the holding tanks which takes up space that would otherwise be used to produce the other more cost effective types. Secondly, and perhaps just as importantly is the tradition of it; in the beginning of Oktoberfest beer making the brews were made at the end of the winter months (March) to be housed and drank in the fall. The brews were called Marzenbier and way back in German beer making it was done this way to allow the yeasts to perform at its best and make the best beer possible; of course with the technology in modern times temperature is controlled by coolers and other devices and no one has the time or space to do it the old fashion way. So there you have it a bit of Oktoberfest information have a great holiday season!!