Beer and the Anthem

October 4, 2017 Uncategorized


Ok, let me start this edition by saying I try to stick to beer and not weigh in on the events of the day; but this week and all the kneeling controversy and bringing politics into sports which is where we like to drink beer. Well, that got me to thinking about how the National anthem came about and how it relates to beer. Allegedly, Francis Scott Key stole the music and a few lines from an old English beer drinking song. That’s right, the song mimicked a song that was used to praise drinking and sex and was sung with libations before every meeting of London’s 18th century Anacreontic Society; the name of the song was To Anacreon in Heaven. Now many of the literary types have tried to discredit this theory, but it is close enough for us to use.  So, along that line, let’s get back to the topic at hand, protesting during our National Anthem. Now, I believe in freedom of speech and a right to express one’s self but I also believe that when you protest you have to respect the thoughts of people who don’t agree with your opinion as well. What I am saying is if you want to kneel for the Anthem you had better be ready for backlash from a whole lot of Americans who hold that time sacred. The next step then is you have my attention to the problem, what is your solution and how are you going to help fix the issue. Anyone can protest for the sake of protesting, but if you are not planning on being part of the solution you are being part of the problem. I fear our nation is becoming a society of people that feel as if they don’t like something they can just protest it and not do it. To me it is a sign of a generation of people that think they are being courageous for protesting when in fact they are too lazy to work for a solution and only want to point out an issue for someone else to find an answer. Back to the kneeling protest, most people including many kneeling don’t even remember why they are kneeling!


Well in conclusion if we can’t agree to stand for the sake of the country let’s do it for the sake of beer! Ok, that’s it for my political stance; we will go back to all of our favorite topic, craft beer. Thanks for reading and as always may you r beers be cold and of great quality.