Support your Local Brew

October 4, 2017 Uncategorized


Since me travels into the craft beer world I have discovered that many areas have local brews and they all have pride in them; but often the pride stops at the door.  For instance everyday out at my driving range I meet people that inquire about a local beer we sell, Tangled Roots Kit Kupfer and a nice Lager. Many of them are local people who enjoy a cold beer as they hit balls on the range and for the most part they have no idea that the beers are made less than twenty miles away. That upsets me because being a small business owner, I feel like we should try to support our local businesses and should at least try local products. I make it a point to ask the bartender about the local beers on tap and ask for recommendations as to what is popular and what their personal preference is. That is why it is important for all servers to be knowledgeable about what they are serving and what they have to offer. Which also puts the pressure on the local brewers to educate the servers so that they can get behind the local brews.


I really hate it when I ask about the beers an establishment has on tap and the server has no clue about them and even worse doesn’t even care what they are. Those brews were made by brewers who work hard to find the right blend and when they do they need the support of their community to become successful. But again where a lot of breweries fail is that they do not educate and get the people excited about their brand. Here are of course many ways to do this, but my personal favorite way to do it is face to face, I like to look someone in the eyes and make sure they get what I am saying. I also like to talk to the servers in the establishment not only the owner; this is because they are the people who are on the front lines and can make or break a brand. So, I guess what I am saying is the old phrase that knowledge is power; it goes both though because not only does the brewer need to educate server ho can in turn educate the customer, the customer must seek the knowledge and the server must seek it as well. Well, that is my thoughts on a successful brewery brand, as always may all your beer be cold and of great quality.