To My Mentor

November 17, 2017 Uncategorized

It has been a little while since I last wrote, but I have a good reason; I lost my mentor in the craft beer field and one of my very best friends. I have told you often about my brother-in-law Bill Prokup and how he initiated me into the world of craft beer and how he always said real beer needs a bottle opener; well he passed unexpectedly at the age of 53 and I have had a very difficult time accepting it. Bill was a true beer coinsurer. In everything we do we have a mentor, a teacher; that person that introduces you to a passion and then leads you along and contributes to your success in the field. Many times it is a father, an older brother or a very special teacher and then there is that special time when it is a dear friend; those times are truly special because you can enjoy your passion with someone you truly enjoy being with. To give you a brief history of how my mentor brought me along in the craft beer world would have to start when we were fortunate enough to travel overseas and experience craft beers from many countries and quaint little pubs all over Europe. To be honest when Bill first baptized me in this world I really didn’t like the beers but he encouraged me to continue trying them and in some cases choke them down and I had no choice as those were the only options in most cases. Well fortunately I persisted and soon became more in tune with what my tastes were and what I wanted to drink, we had many great conversations about it and spent many a great evenings relaxing and enjoying and evaluating many local craft brews. But now I have lost my mentor and must move on without his guidance and continue to pursue those quality brews all over the world; though it will never be the same it is what Bill would have wanted.


So, with that I will miss you and think of you Bill every time I sit in a quaint little pub and ask what brew they suggest and I will always remember that real beer needs a bottle opener; I hope they have cold and quality beers up there in heaven for you my friend.