Olympic Fever

February 10, 2018 Uncategorized

It has been a while since I have posted, that is because I have been going through a few changes in my life with the main one being a career change. I have moved on to a new and wonderful company as a customer service representative; it is an exciting time for me and I look forward to my new career. It is also sad in a way as we will be closing our driving range which I really enjoyed the time and community involvement. As I move away from the family amusement industry you would think that I would also be moving away from my craft beer experiences. Well that’s not true as in my new position I will be one of two men with 14 women; so I will probably increase my intake!

Ok, now that that is done let’s talk Olympics, one of my favorite things to watch and enjoy and it is much like craft beer as in the athletes and sports originate from all over the world and are from many different culture and involve many different skills. We all tune in and enjoy this celebration of sports and people and the difference in the athletes, their stories and their real goals. Much like breweries and their beers, some are going for the gold and others are happy to be participating as some brewers are on a mission to be international powers and others are just trying to carve out their own little niche. But, again like the Olympic athletes all the brewers are giving their all and striving to reach their potential, whatever that may be. So, think about that as you enjoy a cold beverage as you watch this unique spectacle As always may your brews be cold and of great quality.

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